Durham NH Solar Power

When Kimry Corrette invited ReVision Energy to her home for a site evaluation in August of 2012, she hardly thought it would lead to not just a solar energy installation in her home, but a new career in the solar industry.

Kimry and her husband, Corey, have lived in their passive solar house on the outskirts of Durham for six years. Over that time, they worked on reducing their home’s energy use to the lowest reasonable level, while building an expanding menagerie along the way (3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, and a motley bunch of chickens). However, the time had come to push their home to the next level. An article of Mother Earth News informed them that solar had become a lot more affordable, and so the young couple looked into what solar energy could do for their New England home.

“When [Exeter branch manager] Dan Clapp came to my house, I was moved by how far the solar industry has come and I wanted to be part of it,” Kimry says, “Sometime after our visit, Corey was looking at ReVision’s website and noticed they were hiring – it just seemed like a perfect fit.”

Kimry joined us as an office assistant to help manage the vast amount of paperwork needed to keep jobs moving efficiently in New Hampshire and Massachusett’s regulatory environment. Meanwhile, ReVision Energy got to work planning the installation on Kimry’s home.

Solar in the Snow

“We were swamped with a huge snow storm right before the installation,” Kimry says, “The day after, the crew was out there, shoveling a trench to where they needed to install the wire and cleaning snow off the roof. Once they got the snow out of the way, I was amazed at how efficiently the crew got to work.”

Coming from previous employment for a more conventional contractor, Kimry was impressed at our crew’s professionalism and team spirit. “I had heard all sorts of great things about our crew from customers I talked to, but seeing it is another thing entirely. I came from a world where the installers were a bit rough around the edges, and ReVision’s crew was a stark contrast. The guys always had a smile on their face, were extra courteous when working in our home, and were very articulate when I asked them all sorts of questions about the particulars of the system installation.”

Kimry Corrette - ReVision Energy team

The Joy of Solar

The Correttes had us install 16 American-made all black Suniva solar modules with Enphase inverters, for a production capacity of 4.2kw, plenty enough to provide for their home’s electricity needs.

Now that it’s installed, Kimry finds all sorts of intangible benefits besides a negated electric bill. “It’s just great to look out and see the sun shine and be happy about it,” Kimry says. “I find myself looking at the production each day, eager to see how one day compares to the next, and getting excited as the days get longer. It’s surprising how much sunshine there is, even in February!”

Of course, living with solar is also the best way to understand the systems, and Kimry’s been able to apply her own experience as she helps out customers. “While there’s a lot to learn at first, when you get down to it, it’s a simple system. When the sun is out, our home is making power, we’re saving fossil fuel and saving money. I love what it does!”

Kimry is not alone among ReVision Energy staffers – in fact, just about every ReVision Energy employee who owns their home has a renewable energy system installed on top. Get some ideas on how to make your home more sustainable by reading through our employee bios.