Solar installer on Roof in NHWe already have told you about our ambitions to be on the Cover of Solar Pro magazine (update: which we did!), but we received a more immediate honor this past month in being named top #25 in the country for rooftop solar installers in Solar Power World’s Top 2014 Solar Contractors, and #148 overall (of 400). This distinction is specifically related to amount of solar energy installed, but, our marketing efforts were specifically highlighted in a follow up story on solar companies who use marketing well.

Given that this was a national report, with no adjustment for geographic location, size of market or local rebates, we are immensely proud! We have an incredible team of installers who get out onto the rooftops every day to safely and efficiently install solar energy systems. Our office team prides themselves on legendary customer service, and we have YOU to thank as well for being a supporter of our company as we have grown from a tiny shop run out of the Liberty area to a multi-location outfit with close to 80 employees. Oh, and did we mention we’re still hiring?

Solar Power World Top 2014 Solar Installers