LED bulb outlives 5 fluorescent bulbsReVision Energy’s mission is to lead the region’s transition away from fossil fuel energy sources. Solar is often the ‘tip of the spear’ in converting to clean energy, but equally important is reducing energy use with efficiency and better performing mechanical systems.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our product line to include air source heat pumps (for solar powered heating), heat pump water heaters (for solar powered water heating), and now, LED Lighting (for solar powered lights!).

Our LED Lighting division focuses exclusively on commercial clients, who can reap huge benefits from the transition to this far superior form of lighting.

Whether you run a dentist’s office, convenience store, parking garage, or school, when compared to existing technologies, LED Lighting is:

  • Better quality (color clarity and consistency of the light is superior)
  • Less expensive to operate (fixtures use ~75% less power)
  • More reliable (LEDs last 5x as long – or more).

Our first LED Lighting projects are slated for this fall, and we look forward to sharing some success stories with you soon. Learn more here.


LED cost savings over time

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