The intrepid crew of our newly forged Solar Foundations Division installing mounting equipment for an upcoming 342 kilowatt solar array at Interlakes School in Meredith, NH.

We recently acquired a Pauselli 900 machine, an incredible piece of equipment that allows us to pile-drive posts up to 15 feet tall, or use an alternate attachment to drive ground screws into the earth. Clay? Rock? Ledge? Bring it on!

The key with our ground screws is that the threads of the screw remain below the frost line and that the surface of the screw above the frost line is smooth. This means that when frost heaves occur the screw and racking system remains in place while the ground is able to ‘heave’ with frost in the winter around the foundation, and will settle back down once the frost melts. This is how all foundation systems in our climate are designed. Keep the structure stable, and let the frost move around it.

Solar racking foundations for small scale systems have traditionally consisted of precast concrete ballast blocks or concrete in Sonotube forms, which take a substantial amount of time and money to get on site and install.

By using pile driven posts or ground screws we are able to substantially reduce the time and expense of installing a ground-mounted solar array… Some recent number crunching showed us we are able to reduce the premium of a ground-mounted solar array by over 26%!

Contact us to learn more about a ground-mounted solar array for your home, business, or institution.

See the Pauselli Ground Screw machine in action!


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