solar powered electric ev car portland maine

ReVision Energy installs solar car battery chargers like this one at their headquarters in Portland. Photo by Ramona du Houx

Maine Insights has a story/interview with ReVision Energy’s Phil Coupe about the opportunities for renewable energy in Northern New England.  The article lays out how solar, biomass, wind, and tidal energy can work together to free the region from the fetters of fossil fuels.

Ramona Du Houx writes:

In just one hour the sun delivers enough solar energy to supply all global energy for an entire year. The infinite potential of this resource is helping a Maine-based solar company grow as it works to solve some of the state’s fossil fuel and emissions problems.

“All the solar energy that strikes the earth every year is a staggering amount to harvest,” said Phil Coupe, co-founder and managing partner of ReVision Energy.

ReVision Energy, has installed more than 3,500 solar hot water and solar electric systems in Maine and New Hampshire over the past 10 years. Coupe said their mission is to help Mainers reduce fossil fuel consumption and the associated emissions by transitioning to clean, renewable energy sources.

Maine happens to be one of the sunniest states in New England. On an annual basis the state gets 33 percent more sunshine than Germany, the world leader in solar energy adoption with more than 1 million systems installed over the past 20 years.

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