Redfern House - Portland, Maine The Redfern House, a Gold LEED Certified Home, is Available for Viewing

A newly constructed home located in Portland is expected to receive a Gold rating from the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes Program. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and provides a set of standards for environmentally sustainable construction for new design or renovation. Tours are scheduled for Saturday morning June 13th and Tuesday evening June 16th. Catherine Culley of Redfern Properties is organizing the tours and can be reached at 207-221-5746. The Redfern House is utilizing resource efficient materials and renewable energy systems. It is less than 2000 square feet, and has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It has been designed and built to be healthy, extremely efficient, highly durable, and ecologically responsible. The home is constructed with FSC certified lumber, local materials and materials that are high in recycled content and low in embodied energy. It was built with passive solar design with south facing exposure to maximize thermal gain. Solar shades block sun heat but not light in the summer months. There is high R-value insulation and a tight exterior envelope. A grid tied solar electric system provides for a portion of the homes electrical needs. Solar thermal evacuated tubes heat water for the domestic hot water supply of the home, as well as cover a portion of heat for the radiant floor heat distribution system. Other features of this home include non toxic paints, cellulose insulation, a detached garage and resource efficient framing. Being located in the downtown region, it’s accessible to public transportation and to Greater Portland’s resources. The Redfern House was designed by LEED accredited architect Chris Briley. Chris is the founding principal of Green Design Studio based in Yarmouth, Maine. ReVision Energy designed and installed the solar hot water and solar electric systems on the home. Horizon Residential provided consultation on insulation, ventilation, and heating performance. Horizon is also serving as the ‘rater’ for the home in a number of the LEED categories. Other sustainability partners that helped to make this project a success were Cuddledown, Furniturea, Green Designs, Ember Grove, Angela Adams, and Back Cove Yardscaping. UPDATE: Read about Redfern earning the Platinum LEED Certification!

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