Mason, NH Solar - Ted HauriTed Hauri in Mason, New Hampshire had a large solar hot water system installed to provide supplemental heat to his greenhouse, which uses radiant distribution, as well as solar photovoltaic for his home. We asked him about his choice to combine these two renewable energy technologies and why he decided to go solar now.

REVISION: Why did you go solar?

TED: I went solar because I thought it was a good investment. With the total cost reduced by the NH rebate and the federal tax credit, the return on my photovoltaic and thermal systems should be in the range of 6 to 8 %. And that’s only calculating electric and propane savings. I put in a large (14 KW) system so that I can fuel an electric car, which will give me an even greater return.

It’s true that this investment lacks liquidity, but I consider that offset by the reliability of the system (the sun always rises) and the fact that fossil fuel costs will continue to rise. The installation gives me a greater degree of independence from the fluctuations of world markets. Another great benefit is that I am gaining hands-on experience with a new technology that I believe has a terrific future.

REVISION: What was the process like?

TED: The installation took place in the middle of a severe New Hampshire winter, but the crew at Revision Energy was undeterred. They worked in adverse conditions with a cheerful mien. They clearly enjoyed the work they doing and they enjoyed working for their company. I’ve done a lot of construction in my lifetime, and without a doubt Revision Energy is the best contractor I have ever used. They always showed up for work when they said they would, they worked without complaint, many times late into the day, they solved problems on the spot and corrected mistakes other tradesmen had made in my systems. The work was completed on schedule and within the quoted budget. All the work was done in a professional manner, and at the end of each day everything was left in order and clean. I can’t recommend this company highly enough and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

REVISION: What do you like best about the system now that it’s installed?

TED: Although the system is too new for precise numbers, I know that what I will like best about the system is my return on investment. But a close second would be the web connectivity and software that came with the installation (provided by SolarWave). From anywhere in the world I can monitor both systems, receiving an incredible amount of data over the internet. I can tell when a pump turns on and off, what the tank temperatures are, how much carbon has been saved. And best of all, if there’s a problem anywhere, Revision Energy will probably know about it before I do.