Commercial-LED-Lighting-before-afterPlanson International of New Gloucester, Maine is a woman-owned global IT solutions provider to international organizations dedicated to aid, development, sustainability, and emergency response.

We’ve partnered with them over the past years to make a deep dent in their carbon footprint – installing a ground-mounted solar array with 156 panels, converting to a whole-office heat pump heating system, and installing a high-end electric water heater, virtually eliminating fossil fuels from their energy mix.

Planson recently added LED lighting to their suite of energy improvements – offering better lighting conditions for office workers and allowing their solar power to cover a larger share of their total energy use.

Who’s a Good Fit for LEDs?

An LED retrofit offers a very attractive ROI, energy efficiency and quality of life benefits for a range of applications:

  • Medical sector (dentist and doctor offices, veterinaries, etc)
  • Manufacturing (anywhere with long light runtimes)
  • Retail (LED lights are higher color quality)
  • Offices over 1,000 sq. ft (knowledge workers are more productive under LEDs)
  • Public buildings (Schools, libraries, municipal buildings, etc)

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