Photo Magazine features ReVision Energy Solar Maine

Chris Warren photo for Photon Magazine. Original caption: “ReVision Energy performs the vast majority of PV installations in Maine. Shown here are company co-founder Fortunat Mueller and marketing chief Jen Hatch, outside the company’s Portland headquarters

Previously featured in a Photon Magazine profile of solar in the state of New Hampshire, Photon author Chris Warren returned to feature the state of solar in Maine for their October 2012 issue. While noting that PV activity in Maine is dwarfed by that elsewhere in the US, what activity there is Photon traces back to ReVision Energy:

The epicenter of Maine’s solar market has an actual street address:  142 Presumpscot Street. It is here, in a largely industrial neighborhood that is also home to a parking lot full of Federal Express trucks and a motley collection of warehouses and offices, that solar integrator Revision Energy has its headquarters and a public showroom.

By the standards of states with more established markets, such as Colorado or New Jersey, the facilities that make up Revision’s outpost in Portland, Maine’s largest city are rather unremarkable. Like many installation outfi ts aroundthe country, Revision is keenly aware of the need to be noticed by the public. The company has taken steps to ensure that commuters whizzing by along the busy street out front will have no trouble discerning what Revision does.

…The hard truth is that there is room for just one decent-sized installation company in Maine, and Revision has secured that position. “Year after year, they install more than two-thirds of all the solar thermal and solar PV—comfortably more than two-thirds,” says Dana Fischer. He runs the renewable energy incentive program for the Effi ciency Maine Trust, a quasi-state  agency created by Maine’s Legislature a few years ago. “They’re a quality outfit.”

Both articles by Chris Warren