April is Solar Quote MonthApril is here and the ample sun shining down is a great reminder that solar season is upon us!  Our solar hot water meter reads a toasty 147 degrees, reminding us that from now until September there will be little shortage of guilt-free hot water.

@SolarFred, AKA Tor Valenza, is kick-starting the solar industry by declaring that April is Solar Quote Month, and ReVision is here to support the effort.

If you aren’t in the process of getting a quote or installing a system, we encourage you to make April the month you choose to get started.

Here are three reasons why you should contact ReVision for a FREE solar evaluation (or have us refresh an existing quote!):

  1. All Time Low Costs for Solar Tech – As we reported in January, costs for solar panels are at an all time low, which puts solar in the grasp of many more people.  If you’ve had us quote you a system a year or more ago, contact us again for a refreshed quote, you may be surprised at how much more affordable it is!
  2. Great incentives are here – Federal tax credits and outstanding state rebates make it almost a no-brainer to go solar.  For both solar hot water and solar electric, you can expect an average $3,000 rebate from the federal government.  In Maine, additional incentives range from $1,000 (hot water) to $1,500 (PV).  In New Hampshire there is a $6,000 tax credit for PV, and up to $1,500 for hot water depending on where you live (contact us for details).  And last but not least, Sunpower is offering an additional $1,500 rebate of their own, valid only for the month of April!
  3. The time is right! While incentives make solar financially viable for many more people, ultimately you’re investing in a better future for our planet.  We were staggered to realize that the last decade was the hottest on record, which reminds us how imperative it is that we change our relationship to energy NOW.

It’s never been a better time to invest in solar, and what better time than the present to get started?  You can be enjoying free hot water from the sun or offsetting your energy usage by the end of the summer!

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