NHSPCA - Solar Hot WaterWhen it comes to going green and saving money, thoughtful planning and research can lead to significant change.

Consider the case for the New Hampshire SPCA, the state’s oldest animal protection and care facility, which decided in 2008 that it was time to deal seriously with rising costs of energy. And, according to SPCA director Lisa Dennison, it helped immensely when the organization found a strong partner in ReVision Energy.

In 2012, ReVision Energy designed and installed a solar hot water system alongside Froling wood pellet boilers. Dan Clapp, ReVision Energy’s New Hampshire branch manager, said the installations have cut heating costs at the SPCA and slashed their costly year-round domestic hot water bill with the solar thermal system.

“We are significantly ahead because of the solar collectors and the wood pellet boilers,” Dennison said. “Any day we are not using oil makes me happy. It’s so exciting for me to go online and check our progress. We have this fun visual about reducing our carbon footprint. Every day we imagine that our energy efficiency is the equivalent of taking all the cars of our employees off the road.”

Full article is available here: http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20140415-NEWS-404150325