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NRCM Earth Day Solar Array Unveiling

ReVision co-founder Phil Coupe speaks on the importance of a transition to a clean energy economy and the importance of the solar array installed behind him at the Natural Resources Council of Maine

This past Friday bright sunny skies greeted us for a kick off to Earth Day celebrated with the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM). The star of the event? An array of more than 50 solar photovoltaic panels which are providing most of the electricity at NRCM’s Augusta headquarters.

ReVision Energy co-founder Phil Coupe spoke at the event, reminding us that “Maine gets 33% more sunshine per year than Germany, the world’s solar energy leader with more than 1 million systems installed—we also bask in what has been measured by NOAA as some of the best sunshine in New England.” Coupe talked about the unique financing structure of NRCM’s PPA project, a unique financing structure which “enabled NRCM to acquire the solar project with zero upfront costs—they will simply pay for the clean electricity generated on the roof at a rate lower than what they would pay the utility company.”

The event kickoff was followed by a reception attended by more than 30 homeowners and NRCM supporters interested in learning more about NRCM’s efforts to invest in renewable energy and the efficacy of solar in Maine. Phil Coupe of ReVision and Dylan Voorhees of NRCM took questions and talked about grassroots efforts to end Maine’s fossil fuel dependency.

Thanks again for everyone who came out, and the great people at NRCM whose continued diligence makes Maine a better place to work, play and breathe!

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