Thanks to everyone who participated in our #LiveSolar photo contest. We got some awesome submissions and it was hard to whittle down to a few ‘best of’ photos… The winners are below!

Chris and Sarah Tomalty

Live Solar photo contest in new england

“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 19th century house meet 21st century kids and their technology! All black panels blend right in. #livesolar #revision #whatpanels?”
















Martha Wassell

solar panels and beehive in maine

“Hey Revision, the bees thank you! And so do we!! We are five months into our solar endeavor, and could not be more pleased with the entire experience. #LiveSolar #tinybilltinyfootprint #justcatchtherays”
















Gary Friedmann

 solar powered car in maine

“Gary Friedmann charges plug-in C-Max hybrid at Bar Harbor Community Farm — a net-zero operation heating with solar-powered heat pumps, and running lights, well, hot water and walk-in cooler off the sun.”














Special thanks to #SolarChampion Gary Friedmann for his leadership in moving not just himself, but the whole Mount Desert Island community, away from fossil fuels!



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