Duvall Designs - Rockland, Maine
The solar hot water system pictured here will offset 500 gallons of oil usage each year

ReVision Energy worked with Duvall Design of Rockland, Maine to design and install a 7.56 kW grid tied solar power system as well as a 300 tube solar hot water system.

The solar electric, or PV system, consists of (36) 210 watt panels and is utilizing one inverter to produce approximately 10,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity every year.

The system is connected to the utility grid, a second meter tracks the electrical consumption provided by the solar panels. If the system is producing more electricity than the company is able to use at any given time, they will receive a credit on their next bill. That credit will carry forward for up to 12 months or until it is used.

Rockland Architecture Design Solar
This grid-tied solar electric system feeds clean, renewable power back into the electric grid

The solar thermal system generates 55,000 BTUs of clean energy annually, offsetting approximately 500 gallons of oil. The solar thermal system provides heat for the domestic hot water used in the sinks, and also provides hot water for the radiant heat distribution PV awning of the building. Both systems combined will offset approximately 20,500 pounds of CO2 on an annual basis. This is equivalent to the emissions released driving 50,000 miles in a medium sized car, or making 9 trips from Maine to California and back.

Duvall Design creates unique fabric structures inspired by natural forms, fabricating and installing structures for architectural, retail and exhibit applications.

Charles Duvall is the owner and artistic vision behind Duvall Design. His decision to incorporate sustainable energy systems into his buildings was an environmental and an economical one. As a business owner he is eligible to take 26% of the cost of both systems as a federal tax credit.

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