Historic home with solar
If New England is to hoist itself up from reliance on fossil-based energy, we need to re-think some priorities and look at solar panels differently.

“As an installer of rooftop solar systems, I meet more and more people in historic areas looking to fix their long term costs, offset pollution from unsustainable energy sources, and looking hopefully towards local historic commissions for a progressive view. James Bruni, another client who has solar thermal collectors on his property in the historic West End of Portland, Maine, states he was glad of the installation since the collectors reduce operating costs of the building, and allow greater focus on maintenance and preservation projects. “The collectors do not detract from the aesthetic of the building,” Bruni said. “In fact reinforce the ability to protect the integrity of old houses for generations to come.”

Full article available at: http://www.ases.org/getting-to-yes-in-a-new-england-historic-district/