Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric
Tim Gaudreau’s eco-friendly art studios now have half of their yearly electricity supplied by this 2.5kw grid tied solar electric system.

For Tim Gaudreau, being green is more than just a lifestyle choice – it’s a responsibility.

“I think that those of us that have the means to buy in on the earlier side of this green wave have a responsibility to, and by doing this will do a lot to advance the whole movement … To me, a potent manifestation of the possibilities becomes tangible when, less than six months after my solar pv system installation, two different friends are installing pv on their homes.”

Tim Gaudreau Studios is situated in an old barn re-purposed into a green studio that incorporates passive solar energy, wood pellet heat, solar hot water and a 2.5kw solar electric system.

“Over the recent years, I’ve worked to reduce my oil consumption for political and environmental reasons, and going solar was the next step,” he says, “As a New Englander, I think I’ve got a fierce independent streak and I absolutely love knowing that my hot water and over six months worth of annual electricity are generated right at home — I find that thrilling.”

The thrill comes from generating roughly 3,350 kilowatt hours of clean, renewable electricity each year, as well as over 10,000,000 Btus of clean solar thermal energy.

The Experience

Portsmouth, New Hampshire - Combo Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric
The solar hot water system on Tim Gaudreau’s home will produce over 10,000,000 btus of thermal energy each year.

“I chose ReVision to do the work because it was clear that they knew what they’re doing,” Gaudreau says. “I have been thoroughly impressed the everyone’s professionalism, from taking the time to listen to my concerns to explaining the equipment and what to expect.

“Actually, most things exceeded my expectations — especially how much power my pv system puts out! Nothing beats watching the PSNH meter spin backwards. I also love the guilt-free feeling taking hot showers provided care of the sun.”

But it’s not just the personal benefits that interest Gaudreau.

Spurring the Green Energy Economy

“I feel these green technologies are really on the cusp of becoming mainstream between tech advances, growing public awareness and acceptance, and federal/state subsidy,” Gaudreau says.

Tim Gadreau Eco Art
Tim Gaudreau’s “Self Portrait in Trash” documented the things he threw out over the course of the year to both showcase the artist’s relationship to trash as well as the explore the meaning of the things we discard.

Tim Gaudreau’s commitment to ‘eco art’ has lead him to create numerous art projects that challenge the viewer. His “Self Portrait as Revealed by Trash” was featured in the popular Treehugger blog and his “Sprawl Viewer” snapshots dot the landscape of Southern New Hampshire, calling attention to development issues.

He is currently helping to head up the Zero Waste Portsmouth initiative, which aims to put attractive decorated single-sort recycling bins throughout Portsmouth. ReVision is among the dozen or so business partners who have signed on to provide fiscal support for the project.

“It has been the responsibility of artists to mirror society, to challenge accepted thinking and to provide a critical voice,” Gaudreau says of his work.

In life, as well as in art, Gaudreau is among those proving that a more sustainable way is possible for all of us with the will to pursue it.

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