Hampstead, New Hamshire - Solar Electric and Solar Hot WaterWe’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon when customers start generating their own solar electricity – they start looking at electricity in a whole new way! As soon as you have a means of understanding how much electricity you produce, you naturally want to understand how much you consume, and if possible adjust your behavior so that you consume less without losing too many creature comforts so your PV system foots a larger part of your bill.

It’s in this context that we were interviewed on a story of the promise of smart meters for Maine and New Hampshire. The Green Alliance reports, via Foster’s Daily Democrat:

Michael Gray lives in Hampstead, NH and uses both a solar electric array and solar water heating system. Gray installed a device called The Energy Detective (TED), to add more monitoring options to his solar energy systems, which were installed by Exeter-based ReVision Energy. While nearly all solar electric systems installed today come with monitoring on the solar side, they don’t show homeowners the other side of the coin: how much power their home consumes.

“TED has a little LCD display about the size of an alarm clock. We keep it on the counter,” says Gray. “It can display in watts or money per hour. It was really transformative to actually see in real time what you’re using.

“That had an effect on our family. It makes us think, ‘Is that something we want to spend our money on?’ You can actually turn lights off and see the price per hour go down. Being aware has helped us.”

Read more at Foster’s website. And if you want more info, we’d be happy to talk with you more about the TED!

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