Solar Jobs on the Rise in New Hampshire
This week the Union Leader reported on the growth of jobs in the solar industry and ReVision’s plans to open a new shop in the Granite State.

Good news for the economy of Maine and New Hampshire Рboth Environment Maine and Environment New Hampshire are promoting a first-ever US Solar Jobs Census (PDF) which shows that solar jobs have nearly doubled in the last year, and should grow by 26% over the next year.

Compared to the rest of the US economy, solar jobs are growing almost 13x more quickly!

Here are some other interesting figures:

  • Over half of all solar employers expect to increase their number of solar jobs in the next 12 months
  • Solar jobs exist in all 50 states.
  • Employers from all of the studied subsectors expect significant employment growth over the next 12 months.
  • The average solar installation firm employs 14 solar workers.

To go along with this great news, ReVision is happy to announce that we will have a new home in New Hampshire at 7 Commercial Drive, Brentwood, NH.

The Union Leader also took the opportunity to highlight this milestone in the growth of the solar market in New England.

Gretyl MacAlaster writes:

[ReVision Energy] is opening an office in Brentwood next week, and it expects to add 10-15 more New Hampshire jobs … Solar employers nationwide expect to the increase the number of solar workers by 26 percent, or nearly 24,000 net new jobs by next August.¬† The rate is higher than both the expected 3 percent loss in fossil fuel power generation and the economy-wide expectation of 2 percent growth over the same period, O’Hare [program associate with Environment New Hampshire] said.

Read the rest of the article (PDF)

There’s never been a better time for solar energy – with sound financial incentives and carbon reductions that help move us from a non-sustainable, fossil fuel economy to our clean energy future.

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