Falmouth High School - Falmouth, Maine
This 10.2KW solar electric system will generate enough energy to power two ordinary homes

A Northern Forecaster article titled “Let the Sun Shine” featured a recent solar electric project we completed for Falmouth High School.

The solar power system is comprised of a 10.2 kw CSI solar array using 2 Sunny Boy 5000US inverters and a sunny web box for online data monitoring.

This clean, renewable energy system will generate an estimated 14,000KW/year, enough energy to power two ordinary homes, and offsetting nearly 5 tons of C02 emissions!

As we mentioned in our writeup for the Freeport Library solar project, online data monitoring is a powerful tool for teaching students and the public about the power of solar.

It’s not only fun to see how a system is performing in real-time, but very educational. It shows that these systems perform reliably, today!

Students can also see how changes in weather and season affect solar performance (did you know that Maine’s solar potential is a 1/3 better than the world-leader, Germany?)

This project was funded by Efficiency Maine’s Renewable Resource Fund.

From our Schools and Nonprofits Solar Photo Gallery:

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