Energize 360 new hampshireKensington, NH is now part of Energize 360, a regional clean energy initiative to save money and help save the planet, one home or business at a time.
Energize 360, a volunteer-led non-profit, now offers Kensington residents the opportunity to take control of their energy future, says spokesman Susan Varn. Already 14 Seacoast towns are involved in this initiative, including neighbors Exeter, Stratham, and Hampton. The program combines public education and bulk discounts with free site visits by local clean energy professionals to help people in participating towns lower their energy use, drive down energy costs, and transition to clean energy in their homes, businesses, and public institutions.
“People are really concerned about the high cost of energy in New Hampshire and our continued reliance on imported fossil fuels. Energize 360 is giving folks the tools they need to lower their carbon footprint and save money through energy efficiency and renewables,” said Energize 360 coordinator Charles Forcey.
Every participant in Energize 360 receives a free site visit, a Home Heating Index score, and a comprehensive analysis of their energy use. Depending on the results, they can then choose to install insulation, solar systems, heat pumps, or all of the above at special Energize 360 discounts offered through partnering vendors, and receive help qualifying for available rebates and incentives. This offer ends Sept. 30.
Partnering vendors ReVision Energy and Yankee Thermal Imaging were selected by an independent committee through a competitive process that took into consideration competence and cost. While there is no obligation to hire those companies, each has pledged to give back to town projects proportional to the level of community involvement.
“This program is about educating and empowering communities to bring about the energy transition from the bottom up,” said Energize 360 coordinator Henry Herndon. “It has been so inspiring to see the groundswell of leadership at the community level.”
“With the cost of solar panels down 75 percent over the last decade, anyone with a roof or lawn and a clear view to the sun has the potential to generate their own electricity,” said Dan Clapp at ReVision. “And thanks to complementary technologies offered by Energize 360, you can now use that power to heat and cool your home, provide hot water, charge your vehicle, and power your daily life.”
“Energy efficiency is by far the cheapest energy resource, ” added Tori Martin of Yankee Thermal Imaging. Every dollar we invest in energy savings helps to stem the economic drain of energy dollars leaving our state to pay for imported fossil fuels. Energy efficiency is about stimulating our local economy and making New Hampshire more energy independent.”
For more information, visit http://energize360.org/

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