The transportation sector is responsible for the majority of carbon emissions in New England, and switching away from fossil fuels in our daily driving will make a huge impact as we battle the ongoing climate crisis. Plug In Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) are becoming more accessible — dropping in price as their battery capacity increases useable range. With more and more people choosing an EV for their next car, EV charging infrastructure has taken off across New England. Below are some funding opportunities for EV charging – get in touch with us today to launch your 2021 driving electric journey!

Maine Pilot Programs

In Maine there are two pilot programs currently active, both approved by the Maine PUC and designed to assess whether consumers prefer a turnkey utility make ready program or customer controlled project receiving a reimbursement rebate. Both have funding for 60 charging ports and offer up to $4000 per port subsidy for workplace, public and multi-unit dwelling host sites.

Central Maine Power (CMP) offers a “make ready” grant program for public Level 2 EV charger projects (minimum of 4 charging ports) and use the subsidy to offset the installation cost. An online one page application opened on October 1st and will be reviewed and scored on a rolling basis until all 60 charging ports have been fulfilled. CMP is looking at strategic value of the location, usage potential, smart charging and readiness/capability for weighting each project’s score. ReVision Energy is the trusted and exclusive installation lead. For more information and to apply, go to

Efficiency Maine Trust is running a rebate program using a competitive Request for Proposal process. The customer is required to present two quotes and then seek a rebate after the installation. This pilot will fund Level 2 EV Charger projects with 4 to 8 charger ports, with $2000 available per basic charging ports and $4000 per smart charging port. Applications for this pilot are due December 1st and can be found at


Free Level 2 Chargers For Workplaces and Towns!

A Nissan Level 2 Charging Port Installed at Classic Boat Works in Bernard, Maine

Could your workplace or town hall use an Electric Vehicle charger? We have over 25 free (!!) Nissan Level 2 Chargers that we want to donate to workplaces or municipalities! These require installation, preferably wall mounted, and must be publicly available and free of charge for the first two years. We’ve installed these already for the Towns of Wells and North Yarmouth, Southern Maine Community College, Classic Boatworks, Stone Church, and The Ecology School, among others. If you know of any workplaces, businesses, schools, or towns that might be interested, get in touch!

As always, please get in touch with us with any Electric Vehicle questions! If you have solar on your roof, or a share in a Community Solar Farm, you can install a charger at your home and be driving on sunshine! Help us attack the number one cause of carbon emissions, and drive electric.