Durham, New Hampshire - Solar Hot Water
This solar hot water system will save an estimated 175 gallons of propane and 2,500 lbs of CO2 emissions annually.

Dr. Barry Rock has grandkids, as well a first hand knowledge of forest ecosystems as seen from space.  One of his areas of expertise at UNH-Durham is the factors contributing to the changing climate and the effects of atmospheric CO2 pollution.

ReVision employee and NH branch manager Will Kessler recalls lectures at the university that had descriptions of the “atmospheric sewer” produced by the SO2 and NO2 emissions of the mid-twentieth century, and vivid accounts of NASA’s first missions using satellite imaging to map the chemistry of forest canopies from above.

Dr. Rock and his wife Gerrie have shown their commitment to the environment by adding an evacuated tube solar hot water system to their house.  By only calling on the propane boiler for rare backup water heating, the system is estimated to save about 175 gallons of propane, and roughly 2,500 lbs of CO2 annually.

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