sunraise-logoSunRaise Investments, a solar energy financing company started this year by Durham natives, eventually will save an estimated $60,000 in electricity costs for The White Mountain School in Bethlehem.

The deal is based on a long-term energy contract, called a power purchase agreement, in which the school agrees to host the 43kW solar array on its roof and purchase the electricity being produced. SunRaise then provides the school with below market electricity that insulates the school from volatile price spikes associated with fossil fuels.

“The dialogue has changed in a wonderful way. It’s no longer just the right thing to do, it’s also the cost-effective way to source electricity,” says Jackson.

SunRaise partnered with ReVision Energy, a local solar energy company to install the system. ReVision has installed almost 4,000 residential solar systems in New Hampshire and Maine as well as dozens of commercial systems, advancing solar in the region for more than 11 years.

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