Downeast EnergyThe Times Record reports on newly announced partnership between ReVision Energy and Downeast Energy.

Downeast Energy an-nounced today a new “strategic partnership” with ReVision Energy, a company specializing in domestic solar water heating and electricity systems.

ReVision co-founder Phil Coupe said the partnership between a firm that delivers home heating oil and one that retrofits homes to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels “may seem counterintuitive” at first, but that the 103-year-old energy company and the solar power firm that started in 2003 can work better together.

“Mainers need traditional fuels to stay warm, but at the same time you can get 100 percent of domestic water heated from sunshine from May to October,” Coupe said. “I think the two companies can help (Mainers) become more energy efficient and that’s the value in the relationship.”

Coupe said the average solar water heating system costs between $5,500 and $6,500 — after a 30 percent rebate from the federal government and a $1,000 cash rebate from the state-run Efficiency Maine program — and can reduce annual oil consumption by around 250 to 300 gallons.

“At today’s oil prices, that results in about a six-year payback,” Coupe said.

Representatives said the companies remain separate and will not share any revenue but will begin a formal collaboration that both hope will lead to expansion in their respective markets.

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