Solar Installer New Hampshire
Solar hot water collector array
installed by ReVision Energy on
a home in Jackson, NH.

This evacuated tube system is
expected to reduce household
CO2 emissions by roughly
2,500 lbs. per year

February marked a new Dover, New Hampshire solar installer with the opening of a branch office of ReVision Energy LLC.

Dover resident Will Kessler is leading the project, with backing from a team that includes engineers from M.I.T and Brown, installers certified by the North American board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP), and a crew of professionals experienced at installing robust renewable energy systems in our challenging New England climate.

We see a tremendous opportunity in New Hampshire to further our mission to reduce fossil fuel energy dependence and CO2 emissions. Technological advances in solar power and solar hot water collectors now make it economically and environmentally worthwhile to harvest sunlight at northern latitudes to produce renewable energy.  We’ve already proven that good solar energy can be harvested in Maine, and New Hampshire’s solar potential is just as good, if not a bit better.

Residents of NH have the opportunity to take advantage of an array of renewable energy financial incentives from New Hampshire’s Public Utility Commission, the federal government and individual utility companies, which enable solar technologies to pay for themselves within several years. Starting in July 2009, New Hampshire residents can receive up to $6,000 per solar photovoltaic system.

“We are battling the fact that roughly $1 billion leaves the state of New Hampshire every year when residents purchase oil, natural gas and coal-generated energy,” says Kessler, who has experience installing solar electric systems. “These state incentives are definitely a good step towards stopping that outflow of fossil fuel energy dollars.”

Contact our Dover, New Hampshire office for more information on a solar power or solar hot water system anywhere in the state of New Hampshire.


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