New Hampshire Audubon SocietyThanks again to all of our participants in the “Check in for Charity” program, who this past August raised $500 in funds for Biodiversity Research Institute.

For September we’re again supporting a wildlife-oriented nonprofit; this time it’s New Hampshire Audubon, an independent nonprofit offering programs in wildlife conservation, land protection, environmental policy, and environmental education since 1914.

New Hampshire Audubon

Founded in 1914 with an original focus on protecting and restoring migratory bird populations decimated by hunting and collection in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, today’s NH Audubon provides:

Maine Loon photo from BioDiversity Research InstitutePhoto from a recent NH Audubon program on the “Changing Environment”
  • Environmental education programs throughout the state
  • Statewide conservation research and wildlife monitoring
  • Protection of nearly 8,000 acres of wildlife habitat in 38 sanctuaries
  • Environmental public policy and science-based advocacy

A nonprofit, statewide membership organization independent of the National Audubon Society, NH Audubon operates four centers (in Auburn, Concord, Hebron, and Manchester) and two raptor observatories (in Concord and Peterborough). Their staff includes conservation biologists, educators, land managers, and other talented individuals with accounting, development, personnel, communications, building maintenance, management, and marketing skills.

For maximum effectiveness, NH Audubon staff work collaboratively with other nonprofits, state and federal agencies, municipalities, industry, universities, and landowners. They respect collaborators’ perspectives while advocating for the best possible environmental outcomes.

A great example of their work is the recently released State of Birds report (PDF), which is a follow up to the technical report, “The State of New Hampshire’s Birds,” released in the spring of 2010 by New Hampshire Audubon and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.

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