Coastal Mountains Land TrustThanks to supporters of The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, who successfully fundraised $500 to go towards their educational programs and museum exhibits.

For September our focus is Camden, Maine’s Coastal Mountains Land Trust, an organization dedicated to conserving land to benefit the natural and human communities of western Penobscot Bay.

About The Coastal Mountains Land Trust

Coastal Mountains Land Trust has worked for almost 30 years with willing landowners and other conservation groups to protect over 9,000 acres in the western Penobscot Bay region.

CMLT plans to do much more conservation work, including completion of the 3500-acre Bald and Ragged preserve, which will enhance recreation opportunities at the Camden Snow Bowl and provide many miles of trails for outdoor recreation. They are also partnering with the City of Belfast to create a 3-mile rail-trail along the Passy Greenway.

For more information about the thousands of protected acres (with maps!) visit:

Time to Check In

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