Good Shepherd Food Bank MaineThank you supporters of Camp Sunshine who drummed up $500 worth of ‘Check ins’ to meet our monthly goal. Funds are on their way to Camp Sunshine’s valuable programs for children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

In November, your efforts support the Good Shepherd Food Bank, an organization that has worked diligently since 1981 to establish essential partnerships with many others concerned about ending needless hunger in Maine.

About the Good Shepherd Food Bank

Good Shepherd Food Bank Lunch Program

The Food Bank operated 3 Summer Lunch sites in Bangor this summer, reaching more than 100 children a day with healthy meals thanks to their partnerships with local organizations. Photo courtesy Good Shepherd Food Bank.

Hunger is a growing problem in Maine and across the nation. Today, 200,000 Mainers, including 1 in 4 children, struggle with hunger. Yet, there’s plenty of food. The problem has always been overcoming the economic and political obstacles that prevent food from reaching those who need it. Ending hunger means solving these more systemic problems while, at the same time, doing everything we can on a daily basis to feed hungry people.

This year, the Food Bank will distribute over 13 million pounds of food and grocery products to more than 600 agencies that serve all 16 counties in Maine. Good Shepherd Food Bank is the primary and best source of food for most of these agencies. By partnering with the Food Bank they receive a combined savings of millions of dollars annually! This enables many agencies to stretch their limited operating funds to further extend their services to those in need.

Whether it’s from a large food manufacturer or a local farmer donating excess produce, there are large quantities of food available, much of which would go to waste if it weren’t for the Good Shepherd Food-Bank. The Food Bank works with partner agencies – including soup kitchens, food pantries, neighborhood centers, and homeless shelters – to provide the food and grocery products received from the Food Bank to their clients. It is estimated that more than 100,000 people are fed through our partner agencies each month.

Time to Check in

Your ‘check in’ this month directly supports The Good Shepherd Food Bank’s programs for ending hunger in Maine. Fill in your name in the form below to earn $1 towards our $500 fundraising goal.