Halcyon Grange Blue Hill MaineThanks to supporters of Seacoast Eat Local, whose tasty contributions allowed us to raise $500 for their efforts to bring healthy local food to the Seacoast Community. Don’t miss their fantastic Winter Farmer’s Markets!

This month our efforts go to support the revitalization of the historic Halcyon Grange #345 to provide the Blue Hill area with a community kitchen.

About the Halcyon Grange Revitalization Project

For over a century, the Halcyon Grange has served the community both through the active volunteerism of its members and through its vital role as a community gathering space for meetings, suppers, educational events, and other social functions.

Blue Hill Halcyon Grange 350Chartered in 1898, the Halcyon Grange is a local chapter of the National Grange, the oldest agricultural advocacy group on a national scale. The National Grange was formed in 1867 to unify farmers from the north and south in a spirit of mutual cooperation. State and local Granges played a major role in advocating for rural communities on issues such as railroad transportation regulation and free rural mail delivery. The Grange is nonprofit and non-partisan, and was unique from the outset in providing equal opportunity to women and men, with women encouraged to serve as officers.

At a time when Grange membership has dwindled nationally, a resurgence of interest in local food and farming has attracted new members to the Halcyon Grange, including young farming families and their supporters. There has also been renewed community interest in the Grange Hall as a valued space for social, economic, and educational activities and interactions. The Halcyon Grange is well- positioned to revitalize its role as a vibrant community center and vehicle for the economic development of local food producers. The capital campaign proposes to realize this vision through a needed renovation of the Grange facility that will render it handicapped accessible, energy-efficient for year-round use, and more functional through an expansion of its community kitchen for both social and commercial uses.

Their campaign seeks $150,000 to develop a community kitchen, to upgrade insulation and windows, and to improve the facility’s accessibility. So far the Grange has received several grants, but needs more charitable giving to realize their vision for the facility.

Time to Check in

Your ‘check in’ this month directly supports Halcyon Grange #345’s revitalization of their historic social hub in Blue Hill, Maine. Fill in your name in the form below to earn $1 towards our $500 fundraising goal.