UNH Waysmeet Center Food PantryThanks to supporters of Boothbay Region Land Trust, whose helped us raise $500 in November to go towards their conservation efforts in Midcoast Maine.

For December 2013, your ‘Check ins’ will support the Waysmeet Center at UNH, a campus ministry service that provides food support to the community including a food pantry, holiday food baskets, Thanksgiving feasts and pasta dinners.

About the UNH Waysmeet Center

Waysmeet’s mission is to support and empower the individual and community by creating spaces for communion, service, and social justice. Recent federal cuts in assistance and socio-economic factors in NH are increasing the number of people that are depending on the Waysmeet Center for food throughout the year.

“Miracles really do happen,” explains Rev Larry Brickner-Wood, Chaplain and Executive Director, “This year we’ll produce 215 Food Baskets, feeding 1,500 people with over 10,000 pounds of food with a value of over $21,000 – all thanks to the work of 150+ volunteers and a generous community.”

Waysmeet Center Volunteers

Waysmeet Center Volunteers

In addition to holiday food baskets, continuous efforts to nourish the community include:

  • Community Dinners: 10 monthly organic dinners serving over 1,200 a year.
  • Cornucopia Food Pantry: 1,500 families and 6,000+ people yearly.
  • Drum Circles and Dinners: serving 500+ annually.
  • Waysmeet Community Thanksgiving Feast: feeding over 125.
  • Residential Community: diverse students living in an affordable and intentional community at the Waysmeet Center.

The Waysmeet Center also offers a safe meeting space for educational and social justice events, while hosting a small intentional residential community of students. Waysmeet Center is a place where “All Paths Converge, All Journeys Connect, All Ways Meet.”

Time to Check In

Your ‘check in’ this month directly supports the Waysmeet Center’s Cornucopia Food Pantry which provides support to those with food insecurity in New Hampshire. Fill in your name in the form below to earn $1 towards our $500 fundraising goal.