The NHSPCA came to our summer party with a variety of animal ambassadors

The NHSPCA came to our summer party with a variety of animal ambassadors

ReVision Energy, alongside partners Surfrider FoundationNHSPCA, Green Alliance and GA business partners EZ Bikes & Scooters and AutoBeGreen, spent the summer solstice celebrating at our showroom in Exeter, New Hampshire.

On a gorgeous day with limitless sunshine, we invited a diverse crowd of ReVision customers, partners and curious solar types to see our active solar energy systems.  Our near carbon-free showroom has an awning-mounted solar electric array (installed this year), a solar hot water system, and a fully automated pellet boiler.  Beyond the solar geekery there was a lot to do – Ez Bikes brought out electric bicycles that visitors could use to zip around the parking lot, AutoBeGreen and others contributed to a raffle with door prizes, a jamming band played Grateful Dead riffs and there was even a bounce house for the kids!

Perhaps the biggest show-stealer were the electric cars, which showed up in force.  The intrepid Fred Garbo (a ReVision solar tracker customer and performance artist) drove down in his Nissan LEAF – a good 50% beyond the LEAF’s range!  Fred stopped to re-charge along the way and took his bike out for some riding while his LEAF topped off.  He recharged while at our offices with our Level 2 Clipper Creek charger, and made another pitstop on the way home in Portsmouth, NH.

People asked questions about the two Tesla Model S' that arrived

People asked questions about the two Tesla Model S’ that arrived

The parking lot was also graced by two Tesla Model S sedans, which boast a range of over 200 miles and incredibly gorgeous design.  The electric car buffs talked EV shop while visitors got to see the technology up close and personal.  EV enthusiasts agree – the future of travel is electric!

Big thanks to everyone who came out, and the team of ReVisionistas who made the incredible event happen.  Our Exeter branch has now been in service for just over 2 years – wow! – and our team of over a dozen solar professionals looks forward to serving the Granite State’s renewable energy needs for the years to come.