BURNDY Solar Tracker - Littleton, NHHeadquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, BURNDY® is a manufacturer with a strong line of specialty coordinating dies, connectors and tools. Their range now includes an offering of connectors, wiring accessories and installation tooling specifically designed to service the renewable energy market, both wind and solar. And to put their money where their mouth is, BURNDY® has now added solar of their own with the addition of a 24-Series AllSun solar tracker at their Littleton, NH facility.

Completed in December 2011, this new solar tracker system is designed to produce approximately 9,600 kWh of clean energy each year while offsetting approximately 12,600 lbs. of CO2 emissions. With a net metering device, BURNDY® will also see a credit from its local Utility for those days when production exceeds demand.

Rick Robicheau, Project Manager for BURNDY®, points out: “This newly installed system is a triple-win for BURNDY®, as we are able to reduce our environmental footprint while supporting our ongoing green initiatives, and promote our products designed for these systems.”

Supporting the Renewable Energy Industry

BURNDY® provides a bonding and grounding system specific to the solar photovoltaic industry. Used on the recent tracker installation is BURNDY®’s patented Wiley WEEB product offering, which provides an electrical bond between the solar modules and the mounting systems ensuring that the entire assembly is properly grounded. The BURNDY® Littleton, NH facility is now the manufacturing operations base for the Wiley product offering.

Also supporting the project is a suite of federal and state incentives available to businesses. The solar tracker was installed in 2011, making it eligible for a 26% federal treasury grant, and a generous state rebate of $1/Watt up to $50,000 – in this case, $5,760. While Congress has so-far failed to renew the 1603 tax grant program, businesses are still eligible for a 26% federal tax credit and the NH State Rebate (slightly reduced in 2012 to $.80/Watt). Over $400,000 in NH state rebate funds are available as of March 1, 2012.

Learn more about BURNDY or contact us for details on solar opportunities for NH businesses.

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