Boys and Girls Clubs South Portland, Maine
Evacuated tube solar hot water collectors on the roof of the Boys and Girls Clubs in South Portland. This system will produce roughly 25 million BTUs of clean, renewable heat energy annually, significantly reducing the need to burn fossil fuels for hot water.

In an effort to achieve higher energy efficiency and lower overhead costs, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Maine contracted ReVision Energy to develop a strategy to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions at their South Portland Clubhouse location.

Pat Coon, one of ReVision’s founders and a leading efficiency expert, performed an evaluation of the facility’s mechanical systems and found that thousands of gallons of fuel oil were being wasted each year because the inefficient oil boiler was over-sized for the required job.

Pat recommended that the Boys & Girls Clubs replace their existing oil boiler with a high efficiency gas boiler, and install a solar hot water system.

By replacing the existing high mass oil boiler with the 95% efficient low mass gas boiler, and by integrating the solar hot water system, it is estimated that the Boys & Girl Clubs will save over 4,500 gallons of oil annually, as well as prevent over 100,000 pounds of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere each year.

By investing in energy efficiency for their buildings, the Boys & Girls Clubs, a non-profit organization focused on creating positive places for kids, intends to use the funds once spent on heating oil for their valuable youth programs.

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