Black Dog Car Wash - Dover, New Hampshire
The 7.5KW grid-tied solar electric system on Black Dog Car Wash’s Dover location will save the business over $1,400/yr in electric costs.

How do you stand-out in the crowded world of car washes? For Black Dog Car Wash, it’s been dedication to an exceptional customer experience, state-of-the-art-facilities, and a commitment to the environment.

With water and energy conservation, pollution prevention, and biodegradeable soap options already in place, Black Dog decided that clean solar energy was the way to take their new facility in Dover, NH to the next level.

“Solar is Green Technology that our customers can see,” says Black Dog Car Wash’s owner, Jeremiah Gage, “We have been integrating green technology for years, but our customers rarely see these improvements that lie behind closed doors.”

Black Dog’s growth coincided with a great new rebate from the state of New Hampshire: an incentive payment of $1.00 per watt for solar electric systems. Combined with the 26% federal tax credit (which in 2011 can be taken as a treasury grant), Black Dog found they could save over $15,000 – more than half the cost of the system – as well as being eligible to take additional tax credits in the form of accelerated depreciation.

In addition to saving the car wash an estimated $1,440 per year, the system will offset 12,250 pounds of C02 emissions. The new facility also boasts energy efficiency lighting fixtures, which further reduce the facility’s environmental impact.  “We feel [solar] is what a successful business like Black Dog Car Wash should be doing to help reduce our environmental impact,” Gage continues, “Our goal is to integrate solar at all Black Dog Car Wash locations.”

Interested to see what a solar-powered car wash feels like? Stop by 887 Central Avenue in Dover, New Hampshire – in front of Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond. Or learn more about the car wash voted “Best in New Hampshire” at

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