2009 Green Buildings Open House
The 2009 Green Buildings Open House was a big success! 20 homes between ReVision Energy‘s two offices were excited to show off their installations to help educate others about renewable energy.

The Falmouth home pictured here was featured on the southern Maine tour and features Energy Star rated appliances, recycled and non toxic building products and densely packed cellulose insulation.

Evacuated tube solar hot water collectors provide virtually 100% of domestic hot water year round and supplemental radiant space heating in the shoulder seasons. Because the home is so well-insulated, it only has a low mass electric on-demand boiler to backup the domestic hot water and space heating.

Dan Kolbert of Kolbert Building and Construction was the general contractor on the job, Kaplan Thompson Architects of Portland designed the home. We would like to thank all of those who participated in this year’s Open House, for helping to make it a remarkable success!

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