Solar is Patriotic for Retired Army Captain

Retired Army Capt. Marcus Therrien served in Iraq as a US Army Nurse and combat medic, but those days seem long behind him now on a warm sunny day at his suburban home in Southern Maine. Marcus now works full-time for his own building company, Wood Cove Builders (“The first time I’ve worked one job… Read more

NH Homeowner: Solar is “The Best Thing I’ve ever Done”

A proud “Conservative card carrying member of the Sierra Club,” Mark Boren has a passion for protecting the environment that derives from a College Civics class. “The professor told me, ‘If you take one thing away from this class, it’s this – if you care about something, do something about it,’ and for me that… Read more

An Interview with Steve Rowley, York, Maine

Steve Rowley owns Blueberry Fields Alpaca Farm with his wife Hope in York, Maine. Steve loves the ocean about as much as he does alpacas, and we caught up with him to talk about how his love of the ocean was linked to his household’s investments in solar energy. REVISION: Why Did You Go Solar?… Read more

Solar Home Tour Gives Glimpse of History-Technology Blend

A 116-year-old house may seem like an odd fit for cutting-edge energy innovations, but a Munjoy Hill couple found a way to blend history and energy efficiency. In February 2011 the couple purchased the home, which is equipped with solar panels on the roof — the only external indication of anything different about the residence…. Read more

Combo of Solar and Wind Give Greene Homeowner Energy Independence

After an initial horror story with an early wind turbine, Jim Weston of Greene has settled on the perfect renewable combination: a new generation Pika Energy wind turbine and a solar electric array installed by ReVision Energy. Jim first installed his Raum turbine in the mid-2000s, when “wind was hot” in Maine. Unfortunately, the Raum… Read more

MMA Professor Reduces Oil Use by 1/3 with Solar Hot Water

Andy Chase – Solar Hot Water in Castine, ME When Marine Transportation Professor Capt. Andy Chase first moved into his home in the early 1990s, he knew he had some work to do. An energy audit confirmed that the 2×4 framed home (located in beautiful Castine, Maine) would benefit from insulation and upgraded windows and… Read more

Newburyport, Mass Homeowners Invest in Solar for the Future

As CEO of Blackfin Media, a web design and development firm in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Chris Edwards has a keen awareness of the positive role of energy in the world – such as powering technology – as well as the downsides of producing it with fossil fuels. Concerned about the state of the environment, he and… Read more

Solar by the Numbers: ReVision Customer Reviews Year’s Worth of Data

While a lot of what we love about solar is intangible, ultimately hard numbers need to work for projects to make sense. This is why we so appreciate hearing from customers with real data about how their system has performed in reality compared to our projections. Take Peter Guyton, who recently wrote in with a year’s… Read more