ReVision’s Pat Coon Comments on GridSolar’s Initiative

I recently had the opportunity to meet Senator Susan Collin’s energy policy expert, Amy Carroll. At the meeting was Richard Silkman of GridSolar. There I learned about what GridSolar is up to, and what it’s up against. GridSolar has submitted an alternative proposal to CMP’s $1.4 billion dollar proposal to increase the transmission corridors in… Read more

Maine State Rebate Program Still Accepting Applications

Above is a 60-tube solar hot water collector array recently installed by ReVision Energy in Cumberland. Solar hot water systems qualify for a $1,000 state rebate and 26% federal tax credit, making your solar investment cash flow positive from day one. Efficiency Maine is still accepting rebate applications for solar hot water and solar electric… Read more

Maine State Solar Rebate Program Has Re-Opened

SunPower solar electric panels on a boathouse overlooking Casco Bay in Falmouth Efficiency Maine, a subset of the Maine Public Utilities Commission, reopened its rebate program on Monday June 29, 2009. This is a great opportunity for people who are considering a solar hot water or solar electric installation. UPDATE: The rebate program has continued… Read more

An Act to Establish the Renewable Energy Resources Program

Solar electric panels sit a top a home in Portland’s Back Bay area. The Maine Renewable Energy Sources Act is important legislation designed to stimulate the rapid growth of renewable energy in Maine. Developed by the Midcoast Green Collaborative, the Act closely models Germany’s renowned ‘feed-in tariff’ law, which financially incentivizes home and business owners… Read more

Understanding Maine’s Solar Potential

Updated Nov 28, 2012 So, why solar?  Out of all of the available renewable energy options (including wind, biomass, ocean power, etc.) and, for that matter, conventional options (natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear) why are we in the business of solar and why should Northern New England implement solar as the solution to our energy… Read more

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Stimulus Package Improves Tax Credits for Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

On Tuesday February 17th, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This 787 billion dollar bill, devoted to tax cuts and infrastructure projects, will allocate 40.75 billion dollars toward clean energy applications. According to the New York Times ‘the Obama administration is poised to start a huge program to develop renewable energy… Read more