What New Hampshire PUC’s Ruling on Net Metering Means for Solar PV

New Hampshire’s Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC) has issued a long-awaited ruling on solar net energy metering (NEM). The rule is a compromise which resolves uncertainty around New Hampshire’s solar energy policy, and reinforces the basic argument of solar advocates – that solar generates value for the grid well above wholesale rates – as well as calling for important… Read more

New Hampshire’s Legislature Votes to Accelerate Solar Deployment

A big thank you to solar advocates throughout the Granite State, who helped convince the New Hampshire legislature to vote in overwhelming favor for SB129. This historic vote shows that there is wide bipartisan support for clean energy. Currently SB129 is waiting on Governor Sununu’s signature. Assuming it successfully passes, SB129 will: More than double… Read more

Maine’s PUC Proposes New Tax on Solar Production

Ignoring its own Value of Solar study and the directive of the legislature to develop policy to accelerate solar energy investments and projects in Maine, the Maine Pubilic Utilities Commission has proposed a draft set of rules on net energy metering which would significantly weaken the economics of solar investments and slow down rather than… Read more

What’s Next for Solar in Maine?

With ‘neXt metering’ out of the picture (for now), retail net metering remains the law of the land in Maine. Anyone who signs up to go solar today can apply for the same interconnection agreement for net metered solar as they could before, and our friendly front-end staff is ready and waiting to help move… Read more

Maine’s NeXt Metering Hangs in the Balance

Maine has made national headlines for its innovative proposed solar policy, which brought together interests as diverse as utility companies, ratepayer advocates, labor unions, environmental groups, municipal representatives, and solar installers to develop an evolution of net metering. Unfortunately, the widespread consensus shattered when the bill arrived in Maine’s legislature. Rep. Nathan Wadsworth (R-Hiram), who previously… Read more

Breakthrough “NeXt Metering” Solar Policy Announced in Maine

Maine has lacked any state-level policies to support solar since 2010, when a clerical error resulted in the elimination of the State’s rebate program for solar. Since then, solar advocates have worked tirelessly to come up with policy that allows the Pine Tree state to benefit from solar’s undeniable benefits: growth in the economy, improved… Read more