Artforms / Cool as a Moose Use LEDs to Save Power (And Keep Cool!)

ReVision recently completed a LED lighting retrofit of Artforms Inc.’s office and workspace, greatly diminishing their electricity consumption, while enhancing the light quality. The LED retrofit will cut their cost of lighting in half and reduce maintenance fees, saving around $35,000 over 15 years! One of the many benefits of LED lights is that they… Read more

Emerald Builders Create Net-Zero Homes for One and All

Emerald Builders is a green building construction company specializing in energy efficient and net-zero homes and remodels. This May, ReVision Energy and Emerald Builders are presenting “Getting Near to Net-Zero” to inform the public about net-zero homes and renewable energy. Recently, we spoke with Reggie Lebel, President, and John Deans, Marketing Director, about their company… Read more

ReVision Energy Now Offering LED Lighting Retrofits

ReVision Energy’s mission is to lead the region’s transition away from fossil fuel energy sources. Solar is often the ‘tip of the spear’ in converting to clean energy, but equally important is reducing energy use with efficiency and better performing mechanical systems. Over the years, we’ve expanded our product line to include air source heat… Read more

Keep Cool with a Solar-Powered Heat Pump

Keep cooler this summer with the installation of an air source heat pump – a piece of technology that uses electricity to keep your home more comfortable, moving hot air into or out of your house, as the season requires. It’s the only heating system where you have the choice: use power from the grid,… Read more

Unique partnership results in Maine’s first net-zero school

Cumberland, ME – A special, intergenerational partnership between OceanView at Falmouth and the Friends School of Portland has led to a monumental achievement in energy-efficient building. The school’s new 15,000 s/f facility, set to open this fall has become the first school in Maine, the first commercial project in Maine, and the third school in… Read more

Efficiency Maine rebates for heat pumps for business are back

Efficiency Maine has announced that its popular program for heat pumps for business are back! A $500 rebate is available for single units and $250 is available for additional units.  Here are the full details from the Efficiency Maine memo: Effective August 1, 2015, the ductless mini-split heat pump measure will be available once again…. Read more

Durham natives provide low-cost solar energy

SunRaise Investments, a solar energy financing company started this year by Durham natives, eventually will save an estimated $60,000 in electricity costs for The White Mountain School in Bethlehem. The deal is based on a long-term energy contract, called a power purchase agreement, in which the school agrees to host the 43kW solar array on… Read more

Solarize Kearsarge Sparks Great Interest at Launch Event

An audience of more than 160, mostly from Andover, New London, and Wilmot, filled Clements Hall on the Colby-Sawyer College campus on October 18 as representatives from Vital Communities, a Vermont-based nonprofit, and ReVision Energy, an Exeter-based installer of solar-electric systems, told them of the benefits – economic and environmental – of owning their own… Read more

Large York County solar projects under way

Two of the largest solar energy projects in Southern Maine got under way this month in South Berwick and York. The 38kW system at the South Berwick Public Library consists of 144 roof-mounted solar panels. The 28kW system atop the York Beach fire station includes 104 solar panels. Depending on the season and other factors,… Read more

Powered by the sun – via panels many miles away

Falling prices for solar-electric panels are enticing Mainers who want to install them at their homes. That’s not an option, however, for Jim Atwell, an environmental engineer from Falmouth. He lives in a condominium, and the homeowners’ association won’t allow a solar array on the roof. But starting next month, Atwell will begin meeting 80… Read more