Q&A with Eloise Vitelli: “It was the perfect time for solar”

Former Maine State Senator Eloise Vitelli (Maine’s 19th District, Sagadahoc County & Environs) made a major contribution to the state’s solar future by sponsoring the legislation that called for Maine’s landmark “Value of Solar” study.  The bill became law, and the study found that solar was worth more than double what utilities currently compensate customers for it,… Read more

Solar Grows with Eastman’s Corner

The Farm at Eastman’s Corner is a cornerstone of community Back in the stagecoach days, the Eastman family of Kensington, NH had a crossroads tavern where locals and travelers mingled, enjoying the fruits of local life and good music.  After the tavern was torn down in 1911, the site was used and re-used several times, before going vacant.  This… Read more

Mt. Vernon Couple Powers Heat, Business, and Life with Solar PV

When Wayne Davis and his wife Christine bought an old village garage in 2003, solar wasn’t part of their grand renovation plan. The garage / service station, perched on the northwest shore of Minnehonk Lake in Mount Vernon, ME, had been abandoned for many years… and had seen better days. “It took me a year… Read more

Interview with Solar + Heat Pump Customer Trent Welch: “I saved more money than I thought I would!”

We love talking to our customers to learn the back-story of solar. What got them interested? How is their system working? This month, we feature Trent Welch. Trent is Sales Manager at GC/AAA Fences in Dover, and recently installed solar and a heat pump at his home (and the business is consider their own systems!). He has a year of data on his system now, which he was kind enough to share with us. Read more