Sally McIntyre’s Solar Home

Eight years ago ReVision installed solar panels at Sally McIntyre’s home in Falmouth, Maine. Sally, a retired child advocate attorney, got interested in solar because of the climate change crisis. “I thought, ‘There’s something where I won’t be adding anything to my carbon footprint if my electricity is mostly from solar power, and I might… Read more

Solar and Heat Pumps Provide Clean Comfort for Scarborough Homeowners

Paul Hertlein arrived in Maine in 1995 to join Shipyard Brewing Company’s microbrewery expansion. The job also took him around the country, as microbreweries were first catching on, but Maine became home. Paul works for an internet company today, and when asked if he moonlights as a homebrewer, he laughed and said, “I feel like it’s a lot… Read more

The Willis’s Solar-Powered, Earth-Sheltered Home

Paul Willis first encountered an “earth-sheltered” home while working as a photojournalist in Indiana, and loved the concept. Earth-sheltered homes are durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient dwellings, characterized by the use of earth to buffer much of the structure, and windows that face the southern sky. The passive solar aspect was appealing to Paul and his wife,… Read more

The McDonalds Cool Down Energy Expenses With Solar + Heat Pumps

With the whir of electric wheels on rail, a black Great Northern engine, followed by a coal car, bright blue box car and caboose winds its way around miniature farm houses, a cafe with clients on the patio, and a train station with an impressive resemblance to the former Boston & Maine historic station in… Read more

Weathering Life on a New Hampshire Island

Charles Lassen’s island home stands just offshore the Portsmouth, NH mainland, surrounded by the gusting winds, changing tides and abundant wildlife of the Piscataqua River. It’s an ideal place to call home for Charles, an avid sailor who has spent much time on the water. Originally from the UK, Charles Lassen first landed in Portsmouth… Read more

Solar Empowers Transition to Oil-Free Home

When Robert and Kathleen Flory bought a lovely home with property along the Damariscotta River in Maine in 1994, they were thrilled to finally move to the place that was very special to them. They both had dreamt of calling Maine home for a long time – Robert since the 1960s when he worked as… Read more

Bangor Savings Bank Invests in Solar & Maine Communities

Banking Savings Bank continues to prove their motto “You Matter More” is true by investing in local communities and by protecting Maine’s pristine natural environment. For 165 years Bangor Savings has been helping Mainers with personal and business banking services, and more recently they have been investing in solar energy systems, providing a financial return… Read more

Steve Smith & Alayne Marker Use Solar to Grow Independent Homestead

Expansive mountain views and open pasture surround Steve Smith and Alayne Marker’s 100-acre homestead in the northern New Hampshire town of Northumberland. The land, which provides food and forage for chickens and growing space for vegetables, is now also home to a ground mounted solar array, adding another valuable resource – electricity – to Steve… Read more

Cumberland Animal Clinic Plugs Into Solar Power

With 160 solar panels generating clean, renewable electricity year round, The Cumberland Animal Clinic has eliminated its carbon footprint and is saving hundreds of dollars in utility bills every month. “Providing Compassionate Care For Your Best Friend” is the animal clinic’s motto, and now the same is true for how the clinic is treating Mother… Read more