Weathering Life on a New Hampshire Island

Charles Lassen’s island home stands just offshore the Portsmouth, NH mainland, surrounded by the gusting winds, changing tides and abundant wildlife of the Piscataqua River. It’s an ideal place to call home for Charles, an avid sailor who has spent much time on the water. Originally from the UK, Charles Lassen first landed in Portsmouth… Read more

Solar Empowers Transition to Oil-Free Home

When Robert and Kathleen Flory bought a lovely home with property along the Damariscotta River in Maine in 1994, they were thrilled to finally move to the place that was very special to them. They both had dreamt of calling Maine home for a long time – Robert since the 1960s when he worked as… Read more

Bangor Savings Bank Invests in Solar & Maine Communities

Banking Savings Bank continues to prove their motto “You Matter More” is true by investing in local communities and by protecting Maine’s pristine natural environment. For 165 years Bangor Savings has been helping Mainers with personal and business banking services, and more recently they have been investing in solar energy systems, providing a financial return… Read more

Steve Smith & Alayne Marker Use Solar to Grow Independent Homestead

Expansive mountain views and open pasture surround Steve Smith and Alayne Marker’s 100-acre homestead in the northern New Hampshire town of Northumberland. The land, which provides food and forage for chickens and growing space for vegetables, is now also home to a ground mounted solar array, adding another valuable resource – electricity – to Steve… Read more

Cumberland Animal Clinic Plugs Into Solar Power

With 160 solar panels generating clean, renewable electricity year round, The Cumberland Animal Clinic has eliminated its carbon footprint and is saving hundreds of dollars in utility bills every month. “Providing Compassionate Care For Your Best Friend” is the animal clinic’s motto, and now the same is true for how the clinic is treating Mother… Read more

Koutelis Family Doubles Down on Solar

Two generations of the Koutelis family reside in Epping, New Hampshire, but location is not the only thing they have in common – now, they both have solar-powered homes. As someone who has spent much of his life working in the energy industry and data analytics, Mike Koutelis knows firsthand about incorporating solar into the… Read more

The Searings Say “So Long” to Oil

An aficionado of growing his own food, Golden State native Chip Searing has been dabbling in aquaponics and organic gardening since he moved east in 1978.  The symbiotic relationships created through aquaponics – which allow Chip to raise 40 pounds of Tilapia in combination with a 16 square foot vegetable bed from his Strafford, NH… Read more

Maine Homeowners Create an Island in the Sun

Susanna Place and Scott Stoll have a retreat on Georgetown Island, not far from Bath, Maine. Scott is a sculptor and Susanna has worked with nonprofits all through her career – they are both technically retired, but they still lead active lives in the local and regional community, hosting artists and pushing for better policy to combat… Read more

Tracking the Solar Solution in New Hampshire

When Linda Rhodes moved to Durham, NH in 2013, it was with the intention to build a small, energy efficient home, with geothermal heat and solar power. Instead, she fell in love with a picturesque 17 acre property, located just a stone’s throw from Oyster River, with a drafty, inefficient 30 year old house with… Read more