Deforestation and Indigenous Cultures

This month’s contributor is Norliyana Menes. Norliyana is passionate about many things – minority rights, inequality, Bollywood, food, the list goes on – all of which are shaped by her experiences growing up and shuttling between New England and Southeast Asia. She enjoys good discussions and passionate debates, but only when everyone involved has good intentions… Read more

Nature, Harlem, and COVID-19

This month’s contributor is Reverend Dr. Malcolm J. Byrd, Senior Pastor at the Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Harlem, in the City of New York. Having been appointed by the Board of Bishops of the A.M.E. Zion Church as Zion’s second Chief of Protocol in 50 years, Rev. Dr. Malcolm J. Byrd is responsible… Read more

Whiteness and the Climate Crisis

This month’s contributor is Samuel James. Samuel James is a world-touring musician and storyteller. His long-running column Racisms is featured monthly in Mainer and he is the staff writer for Learn more at  Whiteness and the Climate Crisis As Americans, our main difficulty when dealing with the climate crisis is the act of… Read more

Gardening as Radical Self-Care

This month’s contributor is Briana Barner, a newbie plant mama raising her family in Texas. She is currently finishing her Ph.D in Media Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, Briana enjoys writing, listening to podcasts and crafting. She recommends checking out the organization Black Girls With Gardens.  Gardening as… Read more

Why Clean Energy Should Be King: Contributing Piece by Dr. Lori Banks

This month’s contributor is Dr. Lori Banks. Dr. Banks is an Assistant Professor of Biology whose work focuses on novel antimicrobial development, representation in STEM education, and sustainable laboratory practices. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Prairie View A&M University and a Ph.D. in Molecular Virology and Microbiology from Baylor College of Medicine. She… Read more

Maine Environmental Changemakers

This month’s contributors are Amara Ifeji, Uma Mohamed, and Melissa Tian from Maine Environmental Changemakers – a youth-led intergenerational network that connects young Mainers passionate about the environment, social justice and/or conservation with each other, with mentors, and with the resources and training they need to actualize their ideas in their home communities. Earth is… Read more

Renewable Energy and Racial Justice: How the Advent of Renewable Energy Rebuilds BIPOC communities and their Relationships to land

This month’s contributor is Lawrence Stephen Early IV (he/him/his). Lawrence is a queer, black, and disabled engineer who centers his work on sustainability, mental health, justice, systemic inequality, and improving life for all living beings. During his time as an undergraduate, he focused primarily on global energy infrastructure and water security, along with studying and shifting sustainability… Read more

It’s Not About Time. It’s About Relationships

This month’s guest contributor is Janice R. Torres (Puerto Rican Taino), a full-time writer, storyteller, and former music maker. She has contributed to writing blogs as well as several online health & fitness publications and blogs, mainly focusing on ways to maintain a healthy mindset. When not working on freelance content, you can find her, red… Read more