East Rochester, New Hampshire

East Rochester School is partially powered by the sun, thanks to a rooftop solar array recently installed by ReVision Energy. The $250,000 project was financed through SunRaise Investments at no upfront cost to the school district. Local investors will own and operate the array through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The 86.8-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array became… Read more


Town of Bar Harbor, Maine

73kw solar electric array installed for Town of Bar Harbor, Maine public works building, consisting of (288) Vikram 255-watt solar electric modules, driven by (2) SMA TL-24000 grid-tied solar electric inverters. Financed through a Power Purchase Agreement with ReVision Energy. Read more

revision energy solar workers

GrandyOats – Hiram, Maine

GrandyOats is an organic foods company provided certified organic and kosher foods including granolas, trail mix, roasted nuts, hot cereal and more. Their new facility will be Maine’s first 100% solar-powered net zero food production facility, encompassing all areas of the facility from cooking the food (electric ovens), heating (heat pumps), electric forklifts, computers, lighting,… Read more


Pika Energy – Westbrook, Maine

Our partnership efforts with Pika Energy continue, the latest installment being the installation of an 8-panel PV array on their renewable tech manufacturing facility in Westbrook. In addition to supplying power, the PV array will be used to test out Pika’s next-generation power electronics, such as a rapid shutdown-compliant solar string optimizer and a Tesla PowerWall-ready… Read more


Dover, New Hampshire – Mark Boren

Mark Boren in Dover is an incredible solar customer. His home sports solar photovoltaic (electricity), solar hot water, and an electric heat pump powered by the solar PV. To cap it off, he added a Nissan LEAF with a solar car charger to make it the ‘quad-fecta’ – electricity, heat, hot water, and driving miles all powered… Read more

Habitat for Humanity Solar - Bangor, ME

Habitat for Humanity – Bangor

The 3kw PV system donated by ReVision Energy for this Habitat for Humanity home consists of 12 Q-Cell 260watt panels, and should produce around 3,100 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. If used for heating, those 3,100 kilowatt-hours will provide the equivalent of roughly 300 gallons of oil each year, cost and carbon free, for the… Read more

Little Ridge Farm - Lisbon, ME

Little Ridge Farm – Lisbon, Maine

The sun grows more than veggies at Little Ridge Farm in Lisbon Falls. Their 6-kilowatt solar electric array will provide about 100% of the electric needs of the small organic farm, which offers community supported agriculture (CSA) shares and pasture raised pork, beef, and turkeys. Their home also converted from oil for water heating to… Read more

ReVision Energy installed a high-efficiency gas boiler for heating and domestic hot water at a new Habitat for Humanity home in Freeport, Maine.

Habitat for Humanity “Green Bean” Home in Freeport

The home is nicknamed “Green Bean” by Habitat for Humanity, as it represents the 5th home in their green building efforts and was originally owned by LL Bean. LL Bean found they needed to expand their parking lot to where the house was located, and rather than demolishing it they donated the house along with… Read more

Habitat for Humanity Solar Hot Water

Habitat For Humanity Builds “Green” Home

ReVision Energy recently completed the installation of a solar hot water and high efficiency gas boiler for a new Portland home through Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland. ReVision Energy and its purveyors provided the Habitat project with all parts and materials needed for this Demerest Street project. The staff from ReVision Energy donated their… Read more