As our Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation, Barry heads up the exciting work of developing ReVision Energy’s approach to the rapidly growing area of electric vehicle infrastructure through sales, marketing and business development. This encompasses everything from the equipment we offer for residential electric vehicle chargers, to relationships with electric vehicle charging vendors, to helping workplaces develop electric vehicle charging resources for their employees. Barry is also on the board of Plug In America, the nation’s first non-profit dedicated to promoting public adoption of electric vehicles. He is a frequent writer and speaker on EV-related topics.

In addition to his EV passion, Barry is licensed to practice in Maine (1997) and Oregon (1995) and was a practicing attorney for over twenty years. He believes in taking the long view and promoting sustainability by creatively integrating it into his personal and professional lives. He loves to flyfish and usually releases everything. He lives in Harpswell with his wife, Susan.

Follow Barry on Twitter for all sorts of leading-edge news on electric vehicles: @barrytwoods