Town of Newfields Water & Sewer Department – Newfields, NH

The Town of Newfields’ 216 panel solar array in a ground mount at the Water & Sewer Department District Plant Grounds is helping preserve the environment and save money for the town. Each year, the system will generate roughly 92,940 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of driving over 169,500 miles in a gas-powered car.

The town financed the array through a Power Purchase Agreement to allow them to install it at no upfront cost to the town. The town of Newfields values the environment and has a Conservation Commission that is actively looking for ways to protect Newfields’ forests, wetlands, and recreational areas.

By the numbers:

System size: 75.6 kilowatts (216 solar panels)
System output: 92,940 kilowatt-hours/yr
CO₂ reduction: 97,865 pounds/yr