Throwback Brewery – North Hampton, New Hampshire

This 48.7kW solar energy system installed for Throwback Brewery in North Hampton, New Hampshire, fits into the brewery’s larger vision to create beer that is sourced 100% from local ingredients and enjoyed in the local New England area.

As the largest solar-powered brewery in NH, Throwback’s solar array generates roughly 60,465 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, offsetting the equivalent of driving over 110,000 miles in a gas-powered car. The electricity from the array will power 20-50% of their energy usage, reducing carbon emissions and saving them money.

Throwback Brewery also operates a farm-to-table restaurant and uses water conservation, recycling and composting boost the sustainability of their farm and business.

Watch the Video!

Nicole Carrier of Throwback Brewery talks about how solar is integral to her farm-to-table restaurant and brewery in North Hampton, New Hampshire

By the numbers:

System size: 48.7 kilowatts (174 solar panels)
System output: 60,465 kilowatt-hours/yr
CO₂ reduction: 63,669 pounds/yr

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