Thomas College – Waterville, ME

At the time the Thomas College solar array was installed, it was the largest solar array in Maine.

By the numbers:

System size:  170 kilowatts (696 solar panels)

System output:  1,489,200 kilowatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  2,326,692 pounds/year


After installing a smaller grant-funded solar project, ReVision Energy partnered with Thomas College to install 170 kw of solar electric panels at their Alfond Athletic Center.

It was the largest solar array in Maine at the time it was built, and powers roughly 10% of the electric loads on campus. The project was financed through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ReVision Energy as the investor, funding through CEI. Solar PPAs are a great option for schools and non-profit organizations interested in transitioning to solar.

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