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    Taggart Construction

Taggart Construction has put environmental responsibility and social integrity at the heart of their company. Not only do they design and build high performance, aesthetically pleasing homes that focus not just on energy efficiency, but materials and occupant health, they are also focusing on integrating renewable energy into their construction process.

Solar Transition

92 solar panels on the rooftop of their woodshop generate roughly 35,934 kilowatt hours of electricity every year, offsetting the equivalent of over 62,100 miles driven in a gas powered car.

Taggart construction installed a 16-panel array initially in 2006 and worked with ReVision again in 2017 to expand it to its current size.

Sustainable Design

Taggart construction has been recognized as an outstanding sustainable design-build company, with LEED Gold Certified homes. In 2008, owner Peter Taggart won the GreenBuild Pilot Builder award from the US Green Building Council as an early adopter of LEED for Homes and for being instrumental as a local advocate of environmental home building standards. Taggart construction does new construction design and build as well as renovations, remodels, and commercial construction.

By the numbers:

System size: 31 kilowatts (92 solar panels) System output: 35,934 kilowatt-hours/yr CO? reduction: 37,838 pounds/yr

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