Nottingham Fire Station and Community Center – Nottingham NH

The Town of Nottingham’s 368 solar panels on the roofs of their Fire Station and Community Center help protect the town’s pristine environment and valued natural resources.

These arrays totaling 110.4 kilowatts will produce roughly 120,800 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of over 220,000 miles driven in a gas-powered car.

Nottingham took advantage of a Power Purchase Agreement to install the arrays at no upfront cost to the town. This transition to renewable power will reduce energy costs and save taxpayers $600,000 over the 40+ year lifetimes of the systems.

By the numbers:

System size: 110.4 kilowatts (368 solar panels)
System output: 120,800 kilowatt-hours/yr
CO₂ reduction: 127,202 pounds/yr