Franklin Savings Bank – NH

Solar panels getting installed by ReVision at the Franklin Savings Bank location in Goffstown, NH.

By the numbers:

System size:  177 kilowatts (537 solar panels)

System output:  204,723 kilowatt-hours/year

CO₂ reduction:  319,855 pounds/year


Fossil fuels are the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and the main cause of the global climate crisis. New Hampshire based Franklin Savings Bank has committed to transitioning to clean, solar power in an effort to combat the climate crisis and be a part of the solar solution.

Franklin Savings believes that going solar is a strong investment in the future of their company, their communities, and our planet, as well as an opportunity for them to further support the well-being of our customers and employees.

Franklin Savings Bank partnered with our Brentwood team to install solar panels on five of their locations: Franklin, Gilford, Goffstown, Bristol, and Merrimack. Across these five branches, the cumulative 537 solar panels will generate enough electricity to offset roughly 320,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) every year. This is equivalent to eliminating 32 automobiles removed from the roads, or removing over 364,624 miles driven in a gas-powered car.